The difference between water based and silicone based lubes are about what your needs are in a lubricant. When deciding what type of lube to use you need to ask yourself how you are planning to use it. Silicone lubes are very long lasting and work in water. If you are looking for something that will last a long time and keep everything wet then a silicone lube is best for you. Silicone lubes are also recommended for use in anal sex. If you are looking for a personal lubricant that will act as a good addition to your own natural lubrication or a lube that is non-staining or easily washes off then a water based lube would be the right choice for you. It’s often a great idea to keep more than one type of sexual lubricant on hand so that you are always prepared for when the mood strikes.

Absolutely NOT! Silicone based lubes are latex friendly. In fact, that extra smooth long lasting glide they are known for helping to stop condom degradation, meaning you can push as hard and fast as you’d like.

YES! All of our personal lubricants are hypoallergenic. They are all free of parabens, gluten, and other common allergens. As always make sure to read the ingredient list on the label before using to ensure your safety. If you have any questions relating to our ingredients you can email us at

Absolutely not! All of our lubricants are 100% vegan friendly.

All or our formulas are designed with those with sensitive skin in mind. We only use high quality ingredients and all formulas are produced in-house at our Las Vegas, NV facility that follows FDA and ISO mandates for medical devices. We follow cGMP for all products. If you are concerned we suggest testing a bit of our lube on another part of your body first to ensure that you will not get a rash from using our products.


The Turn On flavored edible lubricants are all water based lubes. Flavored lubes are amaaaazing addition to anyone’s sex life. They are perfect for foreplay and oral sex. Just add a dab to your partner’s erogenous zones to then lick off or you can use them to cover the taste of condoms or toys. The possibilities are endless. Since our tasty flavored lubricants are also all water-based they all easily wash off and never get sticky. You can just clean up with a damp towel if needed.

Our Turn On flavored lube line currently has three yummy lube flavors to choose from – Strawberry, Watermelon, and Cupcake. We spent a lot of time working on (and testing) these flavors to make sure that they are as decently delicious as possible. Each one tastes just like the real thing with none of that bitter after taste you may have experienced with lubes of the past.

NO. All of our personal lubes are sugar free. They are sweetened with sucralose, that’s the same sweetener used in Splenda. I’M GLUTEN FREE, ARE YOUR FLAVORS SAFE FOR ME? Absolutely! All of our lubes are gluten free, (even our ridiculously yummy cupcake flavor) so rest assured that you can try them all.


The privacy and trust of our customers is important to Trigg Laboratories. We follow all local and federal laws to ensure your personal information will never be shared with third parties. You may contact us at any time with questions or to request removal from our system.

You can find all of our products on Amazon. You can visit our Amazon store at I’M STILL NOT SURE WHAT’S RIGHT FOR ME? DO YOU GIVE OUT SAMPLES ANYWHERE? We get it, there are a lot of options out there. But, never fear! We are happy to send you FREE SAMPLES. And we mean completely free, we’ll even cover the shipping cost. To sign up to receive some free lube samples please visit the sample page here.