Medical Facts

Doctor Recommended Over-the-Counter Solution for Personal Dryness

Great for foreplay and intercourse, Turn On® Premium Personal Lubricant™ is doctor recommended for temporary relief of personal dryness associated with low estrogen levels, menopause, childbirth, side effects of medications, cancer treatments, diabetes, dyspareunia, vaginismus, and lack of adequate foreplay.

Other formulas are watered down, literally, causing them to dry out and become sticky.

Turn On® Premium Personal Lubricant™ stays silky smooth without having to reapply. It may be used as or in conjunction with a daily vaginal moisturizer.

Trusted for over 25 years
FDA accepted medical device
Guaranteed never sticky
Ultra long lasting
Non-irritating: hypoallergenic
No sugar, glycerin, glycols, or hormones
No parabens or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives such as Polyquaternium-15 , DHEA and Urea
Condom compatible
Neutral pH
Made in the U.S.A.

Did you know?

Turn On® Premium Personal Lubricant™ was found to be one of the safest lubricants in terms of the toxicity tested.

According to a study by the University of Pittsburgh and Magee Women’s Research Institute for the Microbicide Trials Network, in collaboration with International Rectal Microbicides Advocates (IRMA), it was concluded that hyperosmolar water-based lubricants caused the most damage to the epithelium in the vagina. Of the lubricants tested, Turn On was shown to be one of the least harmful to epithelial tissue*.

*Other lubricants tested included Astroglide®, Elbow Grease®, Good Clean Love®, ID Glide®, KY® Jelly, Slippery Stuff®, Sliquid® Organic, PRÉ®, Replens®, and Gynol II®. **PRE® and Good Clean Love® were also found to have no cellular toxicity. Charlene S. Dezzutti, Elizabeth R. Brown, Bernard Moncla, Julie Russo, Marilyn Cost, Lin Wang, Kevin Uranker, Ratiya P. Kunjara Na Ayudhya, Kara Pryke, Jim Pickett, Marc-André LeBlanc, Lisa C. Rohan (2012) Is Wetter Better? An Evaluation of Over-the-Counter Personal Lubricants for Safety and Anti-HIV-1 Activity [Research Article] PLOS ONE 10.1371/journal.pone.0048328

"Not a day goes by that I do not mention your products. The availability in CVS and Walgreens has certainly helped." - Jacob Klein, M.D.
"Patients are happy with your products and I’ve told them they can find it at any of the major pharmacies." - Iliana Robinson, M.D. Ob/Gyn
"When my patients simply ask their partner to apply TurnOn Lubricant, that itself is a positive factor in helping many inhibited couples learn to make love to one another. It gives people permission to be openly sexual and to be “daring”. This may be hard to believe, but before anyone is even touched with the gel or they touch another, there is a placebo effect—-it actually starts to work in anticipation of it being applied, and also has an effect on couples talking openly about the mechanics of sex and what excites them." - Kenneth M. Pollock, Ph.D.Director, The Sexual Health Practice, New York Medical College
" I prefer the silicone based lubricants for my post-menopausal and breast feeding patients. I end up writing “TurnOn” on pieces of paper and send patients off on a search to their local pharmacy!" - Stephanie Lee, M.D.
"TurnOn Lubricants is a Godsend!" - Colleen Swayze, M.D.
"I’ve recommended TurnON to many of my menopausal patients and they love these lubricants. They are so happy to have a non-hormonal alternative for vaginal atrophy symptoms." - Erin Gertz, M.D.Ob/Gyn
"I am a menopause practitioner and a fellow of ISSWSH and a member of the International Society of Vulvovaginal diseases and my patients are loving TurnOn." - Robyn Faye, M.D.
"My patients LOVE these products. I have been recommending the silicone based lubricant to a lot of our patients, especially our post-menopausal patients who are now suddenly having pain with intercourse." - Anita Saha, M.D.
"I LOVE your products, and they are #1 on my list of recommended personal lubricants for my patients (as well as #1 off the shelf at home, but that is another matter). A major part of my practice involves sexual medicine, and I always counsel re: external lubricants. " - Michael Goodman, M.D.