Let's face it, sexuality is one of the strangest, most mind-boggling things on Earth. Because we are all wired differently, what one person may consider "Ooh Baby!" could very well be more of an "Eww, Baby!" to another. Hey, to each their own, right?

So, what’s your TURN ON?

For some, knowing what turns them on is as clear as the day of the week while others have absolutely no clue what they want or what gives them the feels in their naughty bits.

It may seem like a simple enough question, but as it turns out, it’s actually pretty complex and unique to each individual. So, for those who feel like a deer in the headlights at the mere thought of that question, fret no more, it’s time to tune into you and find what it is that makes you want to drop your drawers and hop in the sack.

First Things First, You Are Not Weird

In exploring your desires, you could very well find that what excites you is very different from what you thought it may be, and that is okay. Our TURN ONs could even include things that are frowned upon in society that we would never want to actually experience in real life, however in the bedroom, these things may have a certain appeal, for example, hair pulling or even choking.

Never be embarrassed or ashamed by any part of your sexuality. You do you, Honey!  It’s important to understand that no matter what turns you on, you are not weird or even wrong. Tell yourself that there are no rules and no right or wrong when it comes to your sexual desires and remind yourself that each and every person is different, that whatever sexually excites them is as unique to them as their own DNA.

Your sexuality is your free space, explore it and embrace it.

Find Out What Satisfies Your Senses

Sure, life is busy and sometimes it’s easy to auto-pilot through your day but break away and make some time to really zero in on the things around you. Let your day-to-day life be your muse.

Explore all of your senses and try to take note when you cross the path of something that does seem to strike your fancy. For example, in terms of sight, it could be anywhere from the clothing style or haircut of your favorite actor or actress as you unwind to your favorite show in the evening, to the way your blood starts flowing when you see a nice booty in a tight pair of jeans strutting down the sidewalk. Perhaps even a cologne or perfume that lingers in your thoughts as you brush by a stranger in the grocery store. Sexy and mood provoking stimulants are all around you, take advantage of them and let them enlighten you.

Know what’s out there

Finding what turns you on can be quite tricky when you don’t even know what your options are. Take a little time to surf the web or even watch a little porn to familiarize yourself with some of the most common fantasies and TURN ONs. Besides, just knowing what is out there is half the battle, you can’t know if you like it, if you don’t even know it exists!  Here are a few to get your started:

Role Play

Everyone wishes they were someone else from time to time, but have you ever considered how exciting it could be to play a secretary reporting to the President? What about a lonely housewife seducing the unknowing cable repair man? With the use of costumes, accents, characters, toys, etc, role play opens up a ton of enticing possibilities for exploration in your TURN ONs.


Pull out the whips and restraints, things are getting kinky up in here! The thought of being sexually submissive can be rather intriguing, even arousing to those who are used to being in control throughout their daily life. The same goes for the flip side when it comes to being the dominant for those who are on the other end of the spectrum.

Pure Romance

As it turns out, sexual fantasies and TURN ONs aren’t always raunchy. Many people actually find themselves to be turned on by the idea of simply feeling desired and adored during good ol’ passionate, breathtaking, love making.

After you have done a little researching, get your partner involved. First, talk it over with them. Sure, this can be a little awkward, but think of it this way- they may also have some things they want to explore and have been too nervous to talk about as well.  It’s a win-win! Then, you are free to explore, experiment and play around with some of the dynamics that sparked your interest and even some of theirs.

Whether you are livin’ the single life or in a committed relationship finding who we are sexually and what it is that turns us on is a journey that opens up hundreds of pleasurable possibilities. So, go on, get out there and get turned on!